Trapped in the Cathedral

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This is a massive custom kit. All sounds were produced in house without any recycled sounds.

What Do  You Get?

72 drum, 808, hats, bells and melody loops plus MIDI files.
121 one shots across all of the important instruments and sounds.

(193 files total!! )

Royalty Free

Professional Quality

30 Day Money Back Guarnatee

Instant Download After Purchase

Tempo Data Embedded

Resolution = 32bit Float

Sample Rate = 48Hz


Introducing the ultimate game-changer – our massive custom kit, “Trapped in the Cathedral 6,” designed to revolutionize your music production journey! Crafted entirely in-house, this kit boasts an impressive array of 193 files, featuring 72 drum, 808, hats, bells, and melody loops, along with MIDI files for limitless customization.

What Do You Get?

  • 72 diverse drum, 808, hats, bells, and melody loops with accompanying MIDI files.
  • 121 powerful one-shots across essential instruments and sounds.
  • Royalty-free content for unrestricted creative use.
  • Professional quality to elevate your productions.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Instant download after purchase for immediate creative exploration.
  • Tempo data embedded for seamless integration.
  • Resolution = 32bit Float | Sample Rate = 48Hz



  • 5 Unique, Mixed 808 loops for effortless project integration.
  • MIDI files included for personalized modifications.


  • 13 haunting bell melodies that defy convention.
  • MIDI files included for your creative alterations.


  • 11 Drum loops that pack a punch, leaving a lasting impact.
  • MIDI files included for complete customization.


  • 7 beautifully crafted hat loops, seamlessly fitting into any project.
  • MIDI files included for your unique touch.

One Shots:


  • 10 professionally engineered, and mixed 808’s for massive impact.


  • 20 kicks ranging from soft to aggressive, punchy to bone-vibrating.


  • 20 snares designed to perfectly complement our kicks and 808’s.


  • 20 claps that are a perfect fit for diverse styles.


  • 5 Open hats and 5 closed hats for dynamic rhythm layers.


  • 21 percussion sounds to add a bite to your projects.


  • 20 FX samples tailored for Hip Hop and Trap, versatile for various genres.

Bonus Loops:

  • 5 Extra drum loops – our gift to you because we appreciate your creativity!

Don’t miss out on this transformative experience. Elevate your music effortlessly with “Trapped in the Cathedral 6.” Download now and unleash your true potential in every beat!


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