Dembow Drums – The Hottest Reggaeton and Latin Loop Kit

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Dembow Drums – The

​Hottest Reggaeton and Latin Loop Kit

Take your productions to the next level with Dembow Drums, the hottest new loop kit from This pack delivers 12 meticulously crafted dem bow loops, giving you the authentic percussion sounds that define reggaeton and Latin urban music.

Each loop captures the gritty, raw vibe of dembow, with hard-hitting kicks, snappy snares, and distinctive rhythms. We’ve covered all the bases, from deep, booming kicks to snaps and claps with serious punch. The loops lock in at 102 BPM, making Dembow Drums ideal for dance and urban styles.

Loops in Every Key for Versatile Production

What makes this pack truly versatile is that it contains the loops in every key – C minor, C# minor, D minor, D# minor, E minor, F minor, F# minor, G minor, G# minor, A minor, A# minor and B minor. So you can easily mix and match loops in different keys to create fresh new rhythms.

Using these loops is effortless – they’re all perfectly timed and tuned across the full one octave range. Just drag and drop into your DAW to inject laid-back reggaeton flow or high-energy moombahton vibes into your next track.

With 12 unique patterns in 12 keys included, you’ll have endless options for building your own dembow grooves. Layer the kicks and snares over your melodies in any key. Let these pro-made loops handle the percussion while you add melodic elements on top.

Take your productions on a Latin dance odyssey with Dembow Drums. This is a must-have arsenal of sounds for reggaeton, moombahton, dancehall, and other urban genres. Exclusively at​



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