Key of A

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AMAZING A (KEY = A), includes 56 professionally arranged chord progressions and melodies.

28 Major Progressions

28 Minor Progressions



AMAZING A (KEY = A),  includes 120 professionally arranged chord progressions and melodies.There are 480 individual midi tracks!

60 Major Progressions

60 Minor Progressions

Each progression has 4 tracks.

Each progression comes with a baseline, melody , pad, and a single file with all three giving you complete control and flexibility.

Drag and Drop

Completely loopable.

Automatic Temp Matching

All progressions can be completely rearranged in your DAW of choice. We have tested this kit in many popular programs and found no issues.

Supported DAWS

Studio One Pro, FL Studio, Cubase, Ableton Live. Should work in any DAW


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