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Almost Ready to Launch

Launch Timeline

LoopKit.com consists of a very small team. So small in fact, it’s just me. I love music and I love sharing that music with the world. I create Electronica and Hip Hop of all forms. I know it’s a strange mix but hey, the heart loves what the heart loves. Over the next two weeks my timeline consists of the following.


Building the Foundation ( 90 of 100 tasks complete )

I am working hard to make sure that the market place works and has the features that everyone wants and needs. 


Testing the Foundation ( 85 of 100 tasks complete )

Once everything is build and there are no further options to add (for now) I need to make sure everything works properly. It would be bad to launch a system only to find out that people can’t actually use it


Creating Content ( 90% finished with launch content )

Make music. Every element on this site is created by me. I create all of the chord progressions, beats, loops, kits, and all of the elements in those products. This takes time but thankfully, I’ve been working on this for a long time so there will be tons of great content at launch.


Making Videos ( 10% complete )

It’s one thing to have a solid platform, and another to have amazing content, but if people don’t know how to use that content then no one will be happy. I am working on videos that will walk you through how to use the incredible building blocks I’m making. More on this very soon.


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